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Give the clients what they want
We won't pretend to know what's best for your business. We are skilled at design and development, but only you know your business. We'll listen to you and give your ideas wings. Want more input and direction? We'll give you expert advice, art direction and ideas for a 3 page "brochure site" to a 100 page ASP, database driven, eCommerce site.

  • Our philosophy: Give the customer what they want. We'll give you a rundown of your options, but we won't sell you what you don't need.

There are a lot of Web designers
Everyone knows one. Many are good. Many are not. Compare their portfolio pieces to other professionally designed Web sites and compare them. Do their designs portray businesses and organizations in a modern, clean way, or are they "first generation" web design? Is the text in all kinds of colors and sizes? Is it flashing? Does the design match the price? Choose carefully.

  • Our philosophy: Provide excellent quality and reliability at very competitive rates.

There are a lot of "cheap" designers
We don't know how companies, even very small ones, can sacrifice quality for price. And even then, still pay $100 per page for a 30 page site! Cheap is the wrong solution for business design and for most organizations, as well. It's very important for your business and organization to look for value as a combination of price and quality. The quality will show...

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  • Our philosophy: Give the customer great value. It's true that you get what you pay for, and there are great values to be found, such as Code and Color Design, but don't sacrifice your business identity online for a couple hundred dollars.

Cookie-cutter designs
We don't do cookie cutters. Some of these "cheap" companies that provide templates to choose from quote fixed prices because they do nearly the same thing every time. They'll give you a little web site that looks the same as 100 other businesses. Will someone else have the same exact web site as you?

  • Our philosophy: We want your input, ideas and strategy. We'll give you a unique site or one based on design ideas you have or have seen elsewhere, but no two clients will have the exact same design.

Be reliable, professional, helpful, courteous and on time!
We continue to see good clients struggle with these issues with other design companies, designers and developers. Why put up with it? Good clients deserve good service.

  • Our philosophy: You and your business are paying for a service and we strongly believe that there is too much poor customer service out there. We also think that many people and companies don't work well together to meet design, development andl marketing goals. Let us show you how it should be done.

Good Design:
Color and, more importantly, the use of color in images, fonts, elements, their sizes and shapes, and how they all relate to each other, as a part of gestalt theory, to create interest and portray an sense of unity, clarity, quality, stability...this is something all businesses should ask for because it makes or kills credibility on the web.

  • Our philosophy: Give Great concepts, designs and service at reasonable prices. Our competitive rates, one-on-one customer service and flexibility give you unique access to professional web design, web development and advertising solutions that usually cost 2 to 10 times more for comparable value, design and service.
  • We strive to be more than a professional service company.
  • We will be your Web partner, helping you make what you need to succeed!
  • Please look at our portfolio and see what we can do for you.

Questions? Call us and ask. I'll just take a minute...(760) 580-9332

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