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Databases and Administration Web site Packages:
(Admin screen shots below)

This describes our database and administration functions in many of our packages.

We'll set up a Microsoft Access database and connect it to a special set of Administration Web pages on your Web site for you to enter your products, categories, specials and more. You will have access to the Administration pages through a username and password page to keep your data private.

We can take your data in Access or Excel format and prepopulate your initial database on your Web site as part of Packages 1 and 2 with additional per table fees.

We can also do the same in a SQL database for high powered functionality and when you anticipate high sales volumes. Call us for details.

What do all of these include?
All Database Administration Sites include:

  1. Complete Administration site pages design and development
  2. Free Basic Plus Hosting!** (normally $29.99/mo.)
  3. Free Domain Registration!
  4. Server/Email Control Panel
  5. SourceForge AWStats Website Statistics
  6. Unlimited Email Accts.
  7. 30 MB Max. Email Storage each Acct.
  8. Web Mail for each Email address
  9. Single Unlimited FTP and more...

Package 1: Our Access Database and Our Admin :

  • Database setup for 10 tables of your choice: Products, Styles, Special Items, Sizes, Categories, Suppliers, Orders, Inventory, Discount Codes, etc. or others that you would prefer.
  • Administration Website with Username and Password private entry.
  • Setup for one user.
  • Accessible anywhere you have internet connections.
  • Instantly synchronized with your online store.
  • Basic setup, ready for your products:  $79/month*
  • Using your Access or Excel tables: $59/table
  • Additional HTML pages: Add $5/page/month
  • Additional ASP pages: Add $20/page/month
  • Add a logo design for Add $10/month

Package 2: Your Access Database and Our Admin:

  • Same as Package 1 except add...
  • Database setup for 15 tables of your choice as above.
  • Setup for multiple users. You change users/passwords.
  • We'll use your Access or Excel tables and/or ours to create one Database
  • Basic setup from your current database:  $119/month*
  • Additional Access or Excel tables: $79/table

Package 3: Microsoft SQL DB and Admin:

  • Same as Packages 1 and 2 except add...
  • Database setup for 25 tables.
  • 100 MB SQL Database, 50 MB SQL Logs
  • Setup for existing and new data:  $179/month*
  • Additional SQL, Access, Excel tables: $139/table

* 12 months prepaid.

Many other Web site navigation and features are available. Starting rates for some of these items are here.

We use ASP/ASP.NET (Active Server Pages), Microsoft Access or SQL Databases and Windows 2003 Server for the Web stores and shopping carts we build. Prices above are for the Packages described. Call us for questions, custom variations and requirements

You, the merchant, apply and pay online at Authorize.Net or PayPal (PayPal is free to setup).

Prices above are for the Database and Administration portion of your site only. Call us for custom variations.

  • Secure Databases are extra
  • $125/year SSL certificate
  • $125/year Dedicated IP address
    (SSL server IP address and Certificate may be necessary if the type of data kept in the database is confidential such as credit card numbers or social security numbers)

Admin screen shots:


Pick a function:

Add or change products:

Upload photos, images and documents:

We can make one for you!

We currently use Authorize.Net™ and the Country's Top Merchant Bank for Merchant and Gateway credit card processing. To learn more about Authorize.Net™ Integrated Payment Service and to apply for an Online Merchant account through Code and Color, You must use this link to apply through us.


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