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If you're not familiar with what "code" is, you may be wondering: What is code?

In general, code is a system of symbols and rules used to represent instructions to a computer; a computer program. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a mark-up code that Explorer or Navigator browsers interpret into what is displayed on screen. Javascript, Jscript, VBscript, VB, Java, C# and PHP are other coding languages used by Web servers and browsers to bring content and information to everyone's attention.

Code And Color™ provides you custom tailored code using HTML, Javascript, VBscript for ASP (MicroSoft's ASP technology and IIS server software) that's fast and completely customizable. In fact, we customize many features for each client at very, very reasonable prices.

Once we've developed your site and database, we will manage your site and content OR, give you access to server tools to change your site, as much as you're comfortable with.

There are many possible features which include:

  • Providing you Web-based control of your customers' data.
  • Providing you password-protected, Web-based access to information in your Access or SQL database.
  • Providing you the ability to download the data directly to your computers.

Contact us with any questions you have about our capabilities.

Want data sent to a database as well as to your eMail Inbox? We can create custom forms for you that validate the user's data before it's sent, that use ASP to send you data in Excel (comma-delimited) format and that adds the data to a Microsoft Access or SQL database automatically.

Active Server Pages (ASP):
ASP: Active Server Pages is a Microsoft server technology (Microsoft Corp. ASP Information) utilized by writing VBscript or Jscript directly in Web code for the IIS engine in Windows 2000. ASP uses ADO, COM and other VBscript objects housing the functions that generate HTML for dynamic page generation.

What this means is that you can generated highly interactive pages to give you control of your customer data, allows customers to input information directly into Microsoft Access for you, supports your outside sales staff online and real time!

This is what companies do, even very small ones, for eCommerce and data management. You can afford it because we do it at extremely reasonable prices compared to the industry.

Questions? Call us and ask. I'll just take a minute...(760) 580-9332

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