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Unlike the thick inner volume of the pear head, this cheap hair extensions gives a feeling of warmth and beauty. When trimming, pay attention to the tail of the real hair extensions must be cut from high to low level, roll up and send it to have this effect. This hair style can be brushed out by a hair extensions dryer and a reel, and it is also possible to use no special hot.
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Email us Final versions of page text in Word or email format without All Caps or other formatting. When we start to edit and use the text in the design code or software, it costs the clients more in production time if we have to remove ALL CAPS and underlines. Please do not submit Word HTML files.

We can use your JPEGs from digital cameras (the very large files are best). We prefer to scan your hard copy photos, if that is your only source. We can hire professional phographers for critical product and building shots. Otherwise, please submit JPEG photos in higher resolution or larger format. Generally this means at least 1.5 times as large (in dimensions) as will be used on screen and at least 3 times as large if used in graphic or photo imaging.

  • For example:
    • Photo of you on screen = 300 pixels x 300 px.
    • Photo needed: 450 pixels x 450 px


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