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Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce:
Code and Color Design has been a member since May of 2002 and Graham sits on the Board of Directors since June. We are one of the fastest growing Chambers in the State in one of the most concentrated and diverse areas of Biotechnology, Electronics, Technology, Commerce, Banking, Financial Services and Fine Hotels, Residential Centers and Restaurants in the world. Membership fees are extremely reasonable...for now.

Most Web users have 16-bit monitors or greater these days capable of thousands and millions of colors. Consequently, we as designers are using more colors in our designs for the Web. Kirk Franklin created a very useful Web site organizing the 4,096-color new "Web Smart" pallete. Nice work, Kirk!

What is a Print?
Ever wonder about what is takes to make a print? This Flash presentation that complements print exhibitions at the New York Museum or Modern Art will give you a quick, well-designed, educational, interactive tour of the 4, main methods of printmaking. Check out "Lithography" for the basics of commercial printing.

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Domain Registry:
Check the availability of the domain name you've been considering, right on the homepage. DomainRegistry.com is an ICANN accredited registrar. They have been registering domain names since 1996. That's before 99% of the other domain registrars were even in the domain name business. There are cheaper ways to go, but Domain Registry is one of the easier and more straight forward to use.

Itty Bitty Pretty:
If you have small infants or toddlers, we recommend this store for it's high quality brand names at big discounted prices. We designed and developed this site and are putting together the ASP and SQL foundation for this sole-proprietor and her partners.

Search Google Without X-rated Content:


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